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Classes Start Tuesday… July 12, 2008

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Korean classes at the Korean Cultural Center start up again on July 15. They offer four sessions a year, and all levels are offered in every session, so you can start whenever you want, and if you stop for a while you can go back whenever you want. I took their Basic A class about two years ago and found it really basic, but at least I came out of it able to read the alphabet.

The Korean Cultural Center website can be found here. I was on the language program page when I copied that link, but I think their snazzy new website is one of those where you can only link to the home page. So you might have to click around a little to find the language programs. For what it’s worth, I liked their old website better.

They say you have to pay for the classes in advance, but I’m pretty sure if you show up Tuesday evening with your application and a check they won’t turn you away. The cost is quite reasonable.

I considered taking a class with them this session, but I’m not really ready to go back to class. I’m at the point where I know some words and phrases from watching kdramas, but I can’t spell any of what I know. I’m going to work on learning to spell and picking up some more of the language on my own before I go back to a structured learning environment.

If I were going to Korea anytime soon I’d probably pick up the pace of my language-learning, but I’m not.


Korean classes at LA City College January 11, 2008

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Korean classes at LACC are starting the week of February 4. Go here to enroll online. Whether they keep offering these or not depends on how many people enroll, so if you’re interested, don’t wait.

Having said that, I’m trying really hard to figure out how many ordinary people have the time available to take daytime classes. And seriously, 8 o’clock four days a week for level one? I can’t make it anywhere that early, certainly not to a class. Definitely not to a class I’d like to be awake for.

So I will not be signing up, but I encourage others to do so.

P.S. I’m also not really sure what happened to Intermediate Korean I.

KOREAN 001 5.00 Units
ADVISORY: English 28 or equivalent. DESCRIPTION: Class meets 6 hours; 5 hours lecture and 1 hour TBA in the Language Lab, DH 319.
0715 lec 8:00AM – 9:10AM MTWTh M.J. HONG DH 304
& lab 1:05 hrs/wk TBA Staff DH 319
KOREAN 002 5.00 Units
PREREQUISITE: Korean 1 with a satisfactory grade or equivalent. DESCRIPTION: Class meets 6 hours; 5 hours lecture and 1 hour TBA in the Language Lab, DH 319.
0716 lec 1:00PM – 3:30PM TTh S. CHOI DH 308
& lab 1:05 hrs/wk TBA Staff DH 319
KOREAN 004 5.00 Units
PREREQUISITE: Korean 3 with a satisfactory grade or equivalent. DESCRIPTION: Class assignments will require one hour TBA per week in the Foreign Language Laboratory – DH319.
3371 lec 4:00PM – 6:30PM TTh J. LEE DH 307
& lab 1:05 hrs/wk TBA Staff DH 319

What to do if you accidentally turn your blog language into Korean September 6, 2006

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So today I was browsing Blogger trying to figure out how to put Korean letters/words in my blog. I found a help post about localization where you could pick any of several languages for your blog. So I chose Korean. What happened next? I was taken to my Blogger dashboard… where ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS WERE NOW IN KOREAN!

A taste of what I saw:
I may be good, but I’m not quite that good. Quickly I hit backspace, only to discover that the Korean localization had now taken over my help page as well. I could still tell where the list of languages was, so I picked the top one at a guess (I don’t know how to say English in Korean, so I had no idea which language it would be). Luckily my reliance on American egocentricity was foolproof, and the top language was indeed English. So I am back to English now.

I still haven’t figured out how to insert the odd Korean word into my blog in the correct alphabet.

I hope the picture comes through okay. This is my first attempt to add a pic to my blog.