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Tomato July 10, 2007

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I can’t recall ever having tomatoes at a Korean restaurant. However, they’re featured prominently in my latest kdrama (although most of the time they’re growing instead of being eaten). I resisted this drama for the longest time because I was irrationally prejudiced against the title. I thought, “Who calls a drama Tomato? I mean, c’mon.” However, I now see why they did it. The theme is represented by the tomato. Tomatoes are exactly what they seem. Nothing is hidden. If a tomato is green on the outside, it’s green on the inside. If it’s red on the outside, it’s red and ripe all the way through. This is absolutely NOT the case for some of the characters in the drama.

This drama also features Kim Hee Sun (last seen by me in Goodbye My Love), which I didn’t know until I started it. I really should look at the actors before I start watching. Although, on the other hand, why should I? Does it matter? What matters is the quality of their acting and of the drama as a whole.

As an amusing side note, the extras on the DVD were called Side Dishes. That’s perfect.

Okay, now I’m gonna go eat pasta with tomato sauce. Seriously, has anybody who’s reading this ever eaten tomatoes as part of Korean cuisine? Just curious.