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Il Mare… I mean, um, The Lake House April 29, 2006

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So I saw the trailer the other day. First off, I had no idea this was even in production yet, much less that it was coming out in June. Second, I had no idea Keanu Reeves was in it. Or Sandra Bullock, for that matter (where has she been lately?), but at least she doesn’t look washed out like Keanu. That look worked for him in Constantine, but I’m not so sure it’s going to work here (notice I don’t mention his acting; I’m not as big a Keanu hater as some people). Still, third, the movie looked better than I’d feared. I’m just wondering how much of the sad stuff in the Korean movie they’ve kept. It looks like they may have kept all of it. If so, the next question is how badly did they mess it up? Or did they actually manage to do a good job on it? I can’t answer that yet.

I don’t remember how Il Mare ends, whether it’s happy or sad. I need to see it again before I see this. Oh, the fact that The Lake House is a remake of a Korean film flashed on the screen for like a second at the end of the trailer. Thanks for paying homage, guys.

Anyway, so now I’m looking forward to it. I can’t even remember what other movies I’m looking forward to, so obviously not many. Oh, Water. Which I am seeing next week. I have high expectations, so it better be good (me having high expectations is usually the kiss of a death for a movie as far as I’m concerned, since they rarely live up to them). What else? I went through all the upcoming movies on Yahoo the other day, and it was mostly the ones coming out in limited release that sounded interesting.

I need to return my Netflix movies finally and get some more. Like, actually start using Netflix again. Oh, and I need a bigger TV. But I am someone who puts off doing things like that. Like I’ve needed a bookcase for months at this point – months! – and I still haven’t gone out and done anything drastic like buy one. So who knows when the bigger TV will appear. Let’s place bets on whether it will be before or after the bookcase.