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Red Mango (Miracle Mile branch) March 4, 2008

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This post is really overdue because I actually tried Red Mango back in January, if I recall correctly. So yeah, overdue. First off, I have to report that Red Mango is not really a Korean fro-yo shop, at least not the kind you’d find in K-town. There are no signs in Korean, and they don’t sell any version of bing soo that I noticed. Instead they’re aiming squarely at Pinkberry’s target market, which I guess is only fair.


Service was great and so was the yogurt (I currently prefer tart fro-yo to sweet). Yes, those are mandarin oranges, which I love, and the mini chocolate chips are Ghirardelli dark. It was an excellent combo, much better than the mandarin oranges/coconut I originally intended to get. I don’t remember how many flavors they offer, but I know I got the original.

For those of you who want to know the nutrition information, it’s on their website at www.redmangousa.com (still as Flash-intensive as ever). For more info about Red Mango in LA, see my original announcement here (complete with original gripe about Flash-intensive website).

Red Mango
5115 Wilshire Blvd, Unit C
Los Angeles, CA 90036


Red Mango Arrives in Miracle Mile December 29, 2007

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It’s true. Red Mango continues to expand across the Los Angeles area. They’re already in Westwood (land of really bad parking) and Northridge (incredibly far away). Now they’ve finally made it to a location I’ll actually go to. I noticed the new shop the other day as I was driving by on Wilshire. I haven’t been there yet (I’ll go soon), but I’m delighted to have them so close. They’re open 11am-10pm daily.

It’s beyond me why they didn’t choose to open in K-town first (a K-town shop opens in 2008), but maybe they figured they’d try to make inroads with the Pinkberry crowd before invading an area already full of Korean-style fro-yo shops.

Red Mango USA has a website here. Be warned, it’s incredibly Flash-intensive. Seriously, guys (by “guys” I mean the programmers who designed the site and – perhaps more importantly – the execs who paid for it), it may be pretty but it’s not user-friendly.

Red Mango
5115 Wilshire Blvd, Unit C
Los Angeles, CA 90036