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Hyung’s Overture, Part 2 August 14, 2007

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I’m positive there should be some kind of pun I can make in this post title. What’s the second half of an overture called? Oh well, I have no idea. Anyway, this isn’t really about puns, it’s about hyungs (yeah, yeah, that was *really* bad, I know).

And now we get to the meat of the post. Tonight I had the pleasure of attending the CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) awards presentation I plugged last week. The actual presentation of the awards was blessedly short. There’s really no point in dragging out something like that. Then we moved on to what we were really there for, or at least what I was there for: the staged readings.

I wasn’t as invested in the first reading since I hadn’t read the script and I didn’t know Lucy Wang (I still don’t, although I did have the chance to chat a little with her husband tonight). The second reading was the first half of Young Kim’s script Hyung’s Overture (btw, Young, I liked the changes). This script was brought to life particularly through the talent of the young actors involved. They were AWESOME. I can’t stress that enough. More than just reading, they acted out parts of the script, and they were great. And Chil Kong as the dad was great, too. But I was blown away by the kids. I could also tell that everyone reading was having fun.

In short, it was a treat. Hearing the script read aloud by actors brought it to life in a way that reading it for yourself doesn’t, and I can’t wait till this gets made (when it goes into production I have to remind Young that he told me I could hang out on set). The emotional content in this script is high, but there are also plenty of humorous touches that made everyone laugh tonight. I’ll totally be plugging it again whenever it gets to the point of hitting theaters.

P.S. The younger boy looked really familiar. Young, should I know who he is?