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The Host and the BBQ March 24, 2007

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Those should actually be in the opposite order since we ate the BBQ before seeing The Host (no, we did not eat the host). I went into The Host expecting a suspense-heavy thriller with some comedic moments. That wasn’t exactly what I got. There’s one brilliant moment near the end that involves a clumsy guy and a firebomb (for those of you who haven’t seen it and are planning to, I won’t say more), but overall I came out of it thinking they could have done better. C’mon, Korea, if you’re planning to conquer the US with your movies, you’re going to have to give it better than that. And I know you’ve got better than that because I’ve seen you do better than that. Please.

So anyway. Now back to the BBQ, which really should’ve come first, since that’s where it belongs chronologically. The BBQ is called 잠숮골 and is located on Olympic a little east of Crenshaw. If you want to know what it’s called in English, you’re out of luck because it isn’t called anything in English. There’s no English sign. I had mixed feelings about the restaurant. The food was fresh and tasty (the place is a charcoal BBQ and I now smell like smoke, especially my hair). The staff was friendly, and they were pleased with Bon V.’s attempts to speak Korean (I chickened out). The ambience was pleasant and they actually have a lot to park in. But (there’s always a but) the prices were on the steep side and, worst of all, I wasn’t full when I left. If I had been full, I could’ve forgiven the prices. But I wasn’t. So I can’t.

So that was today’s stop: Korea (unusual for this blog, I know). Tomorrow’s stop: India with The Namesake. But I will be skipping the Indian food. Just not my thing.

3700 W. Olympic Blvd
(about 4 blocks east of Crenshaw)
Los Angeles, CA 90019