I love Koreatown in the springtime…

Wherein I blog about all things Korean in Los Angeles

About Me July 12, 2007

My fascination with all things Korean basically started when I watched My Sassy Girl and it made me cry, which no movie had done for a number of years. Then I moved on to other Korean movies, KBBQ and other Korean dishes, decided to pick up the alphabet, and am now addicted to kdramas.

Want to email me? I can be reached at email [dot] raven [at] yahoo [dot] com.



8 Responses to “About Me”

  1. wangkon936 Says:

    Hey Raven,

    Let’s communicate via email. Mine is wangkon936@yahoo.com.

  2. Mark Says:

    I’m setting up a new Culinary Tour company, based in Los Angeles. One of teh things we’ll be doing is setting up day-long tours to the different ethnic districts in the region. We’ll take in teh best food markets, shops, food stands and restaurants. Would you be interested in leading some tours for us in Koreatown?


  3. Raven Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Sure, I’d definitely be interested. Is there an email address where I can write to you?

  4. Where have you been hiding since the Done Deal days?

  5. Raven Says:

    I’ve been here, and I still post at DD occasionally. I’ve gotten pretty busy and don’t spend as much time online as I used to. On the plus side, I’ve picked up a script reading gig for a contest/coverage service. Enlightening work.

    What’ve you been up to? Good to hear from you!

  6. whistlelock Says:

    Hi Raven!

    Has all the Korean food turned you Korean yet?

  7. Raven Says:

    Hey whistle! No, not yet, although at least one person has asked me if I’m part Korean. And yesterday I had the experience of standing there speechless while a cashier continued to speak to me in Korean despite my look of dumb incomprehension. I couldn’t even remember how to say I don’t speak Korean. 😦

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