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Inside Omurice March 12, 2009

Filed under: cuisine — Raven @ 6:26 pm

Since sku was interested in the filling of omurice, here’s a photo of my omurice cut down the middle so you can see what’s inside. I’m not sure the spam is very visible, though.


I’ve since tried omurice at a different restaurant, Kongjinae (located within walking distance of Spoon & Chopsticks, oddly enough, in the shopping center just east of the one where Paris Baguette is). I don’t have a photo, but Kongjinae smothered their omurice in a sweet sauce instead of ketchup. I have to say I much prefer the ketchup. The sweet sauce was okay for the first few bites and then became overpowering, so I found myself eating around it, trying to get just the parts with no sauce (not an easy thing to do). My advice: if you go to Kongjinae, get the katsu.