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Home Decor November 12, 2007

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Everything I know about Korean interior decorating comes from kdramas. Well, pretty much everything. I like how mobile some Korean homes are, at least in the kdramas: you can pick up the bedding and put it away, you can pick up the table and carry it around. The same space becomes so much more multi-functional. It’s way more practical than having a bunch of heavy furniture that mostly just takes up space (although that seems to be what the richer folks in the kdramas prefer). Too bad I didn’t decorate my apartment Korean-style.

Speaking of which, I was recently at KCC and took a stroll through their exhibit on Korean history, which included a full-size model of a sarangbang (사랑방), the room used by the man of the house (I’m soooo tempted to translate it “lovenest,” but I know that’s not what it means). I could totally live in a room like this:


Here’s another view of it. Despite the different lighting, both pictures were taken at the same time with the same camera, just on different settings. Nobody told me I couldn’t take pictures, so I snapped away. Granted, I looked around first to make sure nobody was watching. 🙂


This type of simple decor is very appealing, I think, and it’s probably very feng shui, too (this is LA, you know I had to bring up feng shui). Now to see if I can modify my apartment to look like this…