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Classes Start Tuesday… July 12, 2008

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Korean classes at the Korean Cultural Center start up again on July 15. They offer four sessions a year, and all levels are offered in every session, so you can start whenever you want, and if you stop for a while you can go back whenever you want. I took their Basic A class about two years ago and found it really basic, but at least I came out of it able to read the alphabet.

The Korean Cultural Center website can be found here. I was on the language program page when I copied that link, but I think their snazzy new website is one of those where you can only link to the home page. So you might have to click around a little to find the language programs. For what it’s worth, I liked their old website better.

They say you have to pay for the classes in advance, but I’m pretty sure if you show up Tuesday evening with your application and a check they won’t turn you away. The cost is quite reasonable.

I considered taking a class with them this session, but I’m not really ready to go back to class. I’m at the point where I know some words and phrases from watching kdramas, but I can’t spell any of what I know. I’m going to work on learning to spell and picking up some more of the language on my own before I go back to a structured learning environment.

If I were going to Korea anytime soon I’d probably pick up the pace of my language-learning, but I’m not.


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  1. youngkim Says:

    unrelated but i went to a very good restaurant called Han Ji Park on 6th and I don’t know the cross street. But it’s like 3 blocks east of Normandie.

    Their pork belly is grilled on the stone pot. And their spare ribs were great. Also we had their kalbi sans marination. That was fantastic. Worth checking out.

  2. Raven Says:

    Ooh, I’ll have to see who I can persuade to go with me. Bon V. has moved to Napa. 😦

  3. raine Says:

    ^ shoot, i’ll go!! xD we can’t let your korean restaurant blogging suffer!

    and no kcc classes for me this session either.. just can’t fit it in this summer! i just hope i can make it for one of their thursday movie screenings finally.

    i like their old website better too!

  4. Raven Says:

    None of their movies for July interested me. I guess I’ll wait and see what they have in August. I haven’t been to a screening there in ages.

    I don’t know why companies jazz up their websites and make them less user-friendly than they were before. It’s a mystery to me.

    If you go to a restaurant with me, be prepared for me to attract stares by taking pictures! πŸ™‚

  5. raine Says:

    yeah it looks like all their july movies are political/historical… i’m somewhat ashamed but I just wanna be entertained!

    i take pictures of my food all the time! and i have an SLR so it reeeeally stands out XD

    that reminds me… have you ever had a problem in korean restaurants with them not wanting you to take pictures? a few weeks ago I was at ice kiss and the lady there gave me a horrible look and shook her head when i took a picture of my bingsoo. then she was like ‘sorry about that!’… lol… i mean i’ve done it before so… *shrug* i know korean places don’t always like you to take pictures… but i’ve mostly only come across that in korea! weird…

  6. Raven Says:

    No one has ever said anything about me taking pictures at a Korean restaurant. The lady at the hanbok shop I blogged about wouldn’t let me, though. But then again, I made the mistake of asking. If she only knew how many people have found that particular post on my blog by searching for hanbok in LA, she might change her mind. πŸ™‚

    I’ve taken pictures at Ice Kiss a couple of times, but I think I was always in the outdoor seats when I did it, so they may not have noticed.

    If people ask what I’m doing I say I have a blog. I can only give this explanation in English, though, so Korean-only speakers are out of luck. πŸ˜€

    After posting that comment I ended up going to yesterday’s movie at KCC on the spur of the moment, and it was actually quite good. But yes, political. I’m not usually a fan of serious subject matter in my movies either, but this one treated its subject in a fascinating way. I’m hoping to blog about it soon.

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