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What to do if you accidentally turn your blog language into Korean September 6, 2006

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So today I was browsing Blogger trying to figure out how to put Korean letters/words in my blog. I found a help post about localization where you could pick any of several languages for your blog. So I chose Korean. What happened next? I was taken to my Blogger dashboard… where ALL THE INSTRUCTIONS WERE NOW IN KOREAN!

A taste of what I saw:
I may be good, but I’m not quite that good. Quickly I hit backspace, only to discover that the Korean localization had now taken over my help page as well. I could still tell where the list of languages was, so I picked the top one at a guess (I don’t know how to say English in Korean, so I had no idea which language it would be). Luckily my reliance on American egocentricity was foolproof, and the top language was indeed English. So I am back to English now.

I still haven’t figured out how to insert the odd Korean word into my blog in the correct alphabet.

I hope the picture comes through okay. This is my first attempt to add a pic to my blog.


6 Responses to “What to do if you accidentally turn your blog language into Korean”

  1. mdb Says:

    Well done. However if you get Korean letters in the blog I demand the ability to use Chinese characters!

  2. Vining Says:

    Frag, I have hard enoug time with English, never mind Korean or Cantonese.

  3. mdb Says:

    Not Cantonese, Mandarin!

    btw, I owe you notes, vin.

  4. Raven Says:

    I still owe him notes too.

  5. Bon Vivant Says:

    I think that I’ll change the language of my blog to French. I may lose readers but at least I’ll look cultured.

  6. Raven Says:

    Mais bien sur!

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