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Housekeeping February 11, 2010

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I’ve just finished some housekeeping around here. The number of categories was getting way too huge, so I’ve cut back on those and converted a lot of the categories to tags. You’ll notice a tag cloud to the right. I’m not completely sold on tags, but I needed a more manageable number of categories.

There’s also a new feature where you can sign up for an email subscription. Considering my blogging schedule is erratic, this might be a good idea for anybody who wants to read my posts but doesn’t want to check back all the time.

Also, the search feature now seems to work. It hadn’t in the past, at least not when I tried it.

For those of you who’ve been wondering where I was, let’s just say it hasn’t been the best year I’ve ever had. At this point I do have some new posts planned, including one I promised to someone and am very, very late on, for which I sincerely apologize, and I’ll try to get that post up shortly.


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  1. Raven Says:

    Wow, I just noticed my blogroll had disappeared. That was really annoying. Luckily it didn’t take too much searching to fix it, but c’mon. That’s not supposed to happen.

    Now if only I had the patience to test every link on there and make sure they all work and are still relevant… But at the moment I don’t.

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