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L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival April 30, 2008

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In the grand old tradition of this blog, I’m announcing a Korean-related event at the very last minute. At least this time I’m announcing it the day before it starts instead of shortly before it ends.  The event is the 24th Annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, which runs May 1-8 and features films from all over Asia (link). Most of the films (at least the ones on the first page) seem to be showing either at the Directors Guild or at Laemmle Sunset 5.

The list of participating Korean films can be found here. Two of these, High Tide (actually a collection of shorts) and Happiness, are being co-presented by KOFIC.

If anybody wants to see Never Forever with me on Friday, let me know.


4 Responses to “L.A. Asian Pacific Film Festival”

  1. Bon Vivant Says:

    Is this festival being run by, or sponsored by, Visual Communications?

  2. Raven Says:

    Apparently, since all the info seems to be hosted on their site. But I haven’t seen that relationship spelled out. Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right places.

  3. raine Says:

    ha i just found out about it too. of course it had to happen in a week where i’m stuck in work every day!

  4. Raven Says:

    Naturally! LOL!

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