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Director Lee Myung Se: a Master of Visual Cinematic Arts August 27, 2008

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On Friday, Sept. 5, USC will be showing two films directed by Lee Myung Se, namely Duelist and M. Duelist plays at 4pm and will be followed by a Q&A with Lee Myung Se. The Q&A will be followed by a reception, and the reception will be followed by a screening of M. For more details click here.

Due to the fact that it’s at USC and I’m not familiar with the campus or comfortable there, I probably will not go. But it sounds like a fun event. Both films should be watchable. Duelist sounds more plot-driven, M more character-driven. Plot synopses are available at the link in the previous paragraph.

Besides, there’s a reception. Who can object to free food?

The event is cosponsored by these organizations:the School of Cinematic Arts, East Asian Studies Center, Center for International Studies, East Asian Languages & Culture, East Asian Library, Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles, Korean Film Council, University of Notre Dame.


6 Responses to “Director Lee Myung Se: a Master of Visual Cinematic Arts”

  1. boyscout Says:

    It should be a very cool event.
    I’ve been to the previous ones when they had Hong Sang Soo and Kang Je Gyu.
    Lee’s recent films are not very accessible, and are kind of a chore to sit through, but they are so visually stunning that seeing them on the big screen and hearing the guy talk should be a real treat.

    Why did they have to do it on a Friday though….
    I won’t be able to get out of work in time to catch this. Bummer…

  2. Raven Says:

    Yeah, I noticed it starts at 4pm. Hard for people with 9-5 jobs to make it then.

  3. raine Says:

    haha, yeah… also hard for people with jobs that start at 4:30 pm (yours truly)

  4. Young Kim Says:

    Someone needs to update a blog!!!!

  5. Raven Says:

    You’re right!

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