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My Sassy Straight-to-DVD Girl July 17, 2008

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It turns out the English-language remake of My Sassy Girl will not be getting a theatrical release. The folks involved must have realized what I had suspected all along: the movie isn’t worthy of theaters. Judging from the trailer I saw, I think the filmmakers may have replicated all the quirky little scenes but missed the bigger emotional picture.

I can’t link to my source for this news because it was print media (wait, print media still exists?), but I can tell you it was in this month’s issue (July 2008 ) of KoreAm Journal.

I’m hoping to get my hands on a My Sassy Girl screener and give it a watch. If/when I do, I’ll report back. After all, I’ve been judging this movie sight unseen, so I could be completely wrong about it.

Well, probably not.

On the plus side, and also on a new topic, Leo DiCaprio is set to star in a remake of the Korean film The Chaser, which sounds suitably dark (he’ll probably die at the end). He tends to pick his movies well, so I have more hope for this remake than I had for MSG. That news came from KoreAm and this place.


4 Responses to “My Sassy Straight-to-DVD Girl”

  1. JT Says:

    You should have been the screenwriter on the project! If what you say is true, about how the film makers missed the bigger emotional picture, then they surely missed the forest for the trees. What a shame that so much work and effort goes straight to home video (where I’m sure it’ll probably make money anyway).

  2. Raven Says:

    It *is* a shame, especially since the Korean original packed so much emotional power. I still have to get hold of that screener to see if I’m right, though.

  3. jkk808 Says:

    I’m glad it didn’t get a theatrical release as it would’ve only helped to water down the superior korean version. The movie was damned by its casting (and by its failure to hire me as the writer/director).

    Curiously, I think Judd Apatow would’ve done a great adaptation – being able to translate the gross-out/slapstick humor, while keeping a lot of the heart that made it great.

  4. Raven Says:

    Hmm, I wouldn’t have thought of Apatow, but it’s an intriguing idea. The lead guy fits into the loser/slacker paradigm Apatow likes (I suppose they would’ve cast Seth Rogen). If Apatow had been willing to see what truly made the Korean version great, maybe he wouldn’t been able to do justice to it.

    I tend to think a lot of the problem with people adapting Korean movies is they just don’t get them. I think they don’t analyze WHY a particular movie worked. And then obviously they can’t translate that success over to an American audience.

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