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New Korean Movie Theater Coming Soon June 27, 2008

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Well, if November is soon. CJ’s new theater will join MPark and the ImaginAsian Center in screening Korean films in LA. Some, anyway. Full details can be found in a Variety article located here.

I’ve been meaning to go to MPark since October and haven’t made it there yet. The ImaginAsian Center I will probably never make it to because of the downtown location. About the only thing I’m willing to go downtown for is slippery shrimp at Yang Chow (oops, am I allowed to mention a Chinese restaurant on here?), and in that case it’s a straight shot down Sunset. I guess when this new theater opens I’ll add it to the list of places I’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t yet (LoPIBMTGTBHY for short).

Kudos to Michael Daines of the Korean Cinema Club for sending out an alert about the new theater.


5 Responses to “New Korean Movie Theater Coming Soon”

  1. jkk808 Says:

    I wonder if they’ll show k-movies with subtitles. That would be awesome.

    How’s the new job going? Hope you’re hanging in there.

    That korean place on beverly by the beverly center’s open, we should go check it out.

    Btw, Jen and I just watched the k-drama Full House, crappy title for the show, but it was pretty good.

  2. Raven Says:

    Yeah, I’m hoping they’ll show them with subs. Apparently MPark mostly doesn’t. And when it does show subtitled movies, they’re Hollywood movies with Korean subs.

    The new job is going pretty well. But it’s kind of cut into my blogging time. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I thought Full House was a solid drama. I liked Rain better in A Love to Kill, but I admit that drama was flawed plotwise.

    Lemme know when you guys want to try the place by the Bev Center (can’t believe it’s finally open). My schedule’s pretty open.

  3. youngkim Says:

    Song Hye Kyo was so adorable in Pull How-sue.

    From what I heard from my sources (Variety.com), it’ll show mostly Korean movies that are currently in theaters in Korea.

  4. jkk808 Says:

    Jen and I are out of town this weekend, but maybe next weekend?

    I’m glad the new job is going well.

    Forget the blogging time, I hope you are having enough writing time.

  5. Raven Says:

    Young, so your sources are the article I linked? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Jkk, next weekend could work. We can talk when you get back. Hope you guys are having a great time wherever you are!

    I’m getting some writing time. My work schedule gets me home on the early side, so I have to take advantage of my evenings.

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