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Koreatown Galleria February 5, 2008

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Why did I think the Koreatown Galleria would be a bigger, better, more modern version of the Koreatown Plaza? Okay, it’s more modern, maybe. At least the food court is on the third floor instead of stuck two levels below ground, so while eating you can actually see that there’s an outside world (there are tables outside, too). But basically, the two malls aren’t too different. Upscale stores, bakeries with samples to try, a market each.


There is one thing the Galleria boasts that the K-town Plaza doesn’t, however, and that’s a wholesale restaurant supply store in the basement. If you don’t know it’s there, you may not find it, because it’s tucked away on the lowest level of the parking structure, and you can’t get to it using the mall elevators. To get to the place you go down to the bottom level of the structure, walk through a wholesale food supply (for a mere $10 I could’ve bought a six-month supply of pine nuts). Then you duck through a doorway, and there you are. Kitchenware galore. I like to browse in home stores, so I was in heaven. My companion and I browsed the whole place. If you need Korean cookware, you’ll find it here.

Why this place is here I have no idea. I mean, who would think to put a wholesale restaurant supply in the parking structure of a mall? Seriously. But I guess it has to be somewhere. It does make it easier for any food court vendors who need supplies.

The Koreatown Galleria also yielded another gem. While there my companion and I noticed this interesting shoe store. Take a look at the name of the store and the color of the shoes for sale inside. Yeah.



9 Responses to “Koreatown Galleria”

  1. James Says:

    Wow, it’s been a long time since I’ ve been in LA! Koreatown looked very ghetto when I was there in the late 80s… lol… Looks like a fun place to hang out… We don’t have anything comparable here in NYC.

    The name of the store is bewildering… White is the color of mourning in Korea. It’s also the desired color of teeth…. hmm… I’m running out of ideas here…

  2. Raven Says:

    Some parts of it are still pretty ghetto. But yeah, the Galleria was fun. Have you been to the Koreatown Plaza?

    My thought was that if for some inscrutable reason they’re going to call it White Shoes, they should at least sell white shoes!

  3. youngkim Says:

    This mall also has one Hello Kitty store and a store next to it that sells a lot of Hello Kitty stuff.

  4. James Says:

    LOL…. I guess Hello Kitty is youngkim’s favorite store… But seriously, is there not a Morning Glory store? And what about a store dedicated to my favorite character of all time Mashmaro? I still think Mashmaro has the potential to be at least as big as Hello Kitty.

  5. Raven Says:

    I’ve never understood the allure of Hello Kitty. On the other hand, I’ve never been a girl who likes pink, incredibly cute stuff, so that’s probably why I don’t get it.

  6. James Says:

    Rave, I took you for a ‘brown and green’ kind of girl… wonder why….

  7. Raven Says:

    Lol, I dunno!

    I’m more black and green actually, but brown will do in a pinch.

  8. youngkim Says:

    That’s a sweet parking spot for that one car. I usually have to park in the garage.

  9. Raven Says:

    Yeah, that spot is usually taken. I had to park in the garage, too.

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