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Where Do Rice Wrappers Come From? December 27, 2007

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I honestly never thought about where the rice wrappers for KBBQ come from. Turns out somebody has to cut them to size (I still have no idea who makes them). Thank goodness I’m not the one cutting them, because they would be sure to turn out crooked and all different shapes. I can’t cut a straight line or make uniform sets of anything to save my life. Luckily the person working at the station below didn’t have that problem (judging by the wrappers we used, at least).


I got this photo at Soot Bul Gui Rim 1, the one on 6th. I have to say, I liked SBGR 2 (the Vermont one) better. I thought the quality of the meat was higher. At SBGR 1 the heart ended up tough, and I don’t remember it being that way at 2. However, SBGR 1 has the distinction of being the first KBBQ place where I’ve ordered chicken. Although it takes longer to cook than the other meats, here it grilled up nice and tender. Below is the chicken before:


And here’s the chicken after. It got a little blackened, as you can see, but the taste was there.


My verdict: If you want to try a Soot Bul Gui Rim, go to the Vermont one, which I blogged about here. They’re both all-you-can-eat for the same price. The ambiance at 1 may be slightly more upscale than at 2 (I said slightly), but I preferred the meat at 2 (although I can’t speak for the chicken at 2, which I didn’t order, and I do have to admit the chicken was good at 1).

Folks are probably shocked that I’ve finally updated this blog. And some of you are probably wondering what happened to the DARI Awards. I honestly didn’t realize it had been two weeks since my last post, and the DARI Awards are coming soon, I promise.

Soot Bul Gui Rim 1
3977 W 6th St
(6th & Western)
Los Angeles, CA 90020


6 Responses to “Where Do Rice Wrappers Come From?”

  1. youngkim Says:

    I go to this one all the time. But my lame fried refuses to eat at B rating place. Is the Vermont one A rated? And what’s the address of it?

  2. Raven Says:

    I don’t know what the rating is on the Vermont one. I don’t start paying attention until the rating hits C. But the address is 233 Vermont (just north of 3rd, on the west side of the street).

  3. SKFK Says:

    I believe the rice wraps are originally from Vietnamese cuisine. Shik Do Rak on Olympic was the first Korean restaurant to use rice wraps, and now they’re everywhere. Shik Do Rak even opened a franchise in Korea based on the success of their rice wrap/barbecue combo. Unfortunately, I’ve heard that Shik Do Rak on Olympic is not a very nice place any more.

  4. Raven Says:

    Yeah, I’ve heard dubious things about Shik Do Rak, although I’ve never been there.

    I think it’s funny how trends that catch on in Koreatown here get transported back to Korea.

  5. shrota Says:

    by the looks of it, you seem really interested in korean food. i have only had rice cake, but since i’m vegetarian, that leaves me out of a LOT of korean food.

    just wondering, did you teach yourself korean? because the language is so hard so master. i have watching dramas for the past two years but only caught on with the phrases.

  6. Raven Says:

    I don’t really speak much. I took a beginning class where I learned the alphabet and a few phrases and, like you, I’ve picked up some from watching kdramas. I keep meaning to take more classes, but I keep putting it off.

    Yeah, it’s pretty hard to find vegetarian Korean options. I recently went to Yssi Hwa Ro in Chapman Plaza (I’ll be posting about them sometime), and they made a special-order vegetarian soup for someone in our party. But the Korean-speakers in our party had to ask for it, and I think it would be hard to explain in English at many Korean restaurants.

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