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Choco bing soo September 28, 2007

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There can be no doubt about it: chocolate bing soo (초코빙수) is the ultimate flavor (and I don’t say that just because I’m female). My previous fave was the green tea version, but after last Sunday’s trip to Ice Kiss where we got the chocolate, I’m a convert.

Ordinarily I probably wouldn’t have ordered the chocolate, considering it a little too untraditional (not that I think there’s really anything traditional about the stuff that gets added to bing soo, not at this point). But on Sunday I just had a taste for it, and apparently so did Bon V., so we gave it a shot. The verdict was that it’s a winner.


Ice Kiss’s choco bing soo includes a sprinkling of Count Chocula cereal (this is what I mean about nothing traditional).

They also serve their medium size in an honest-to-goodness dog bowl. We knew this before we went, so we made sure to order that size. Despite how huge the serving looks (and it is quite huge), and despite having filled up on KBBQ beforehand, we managed to eat every ounce of our choco bing soo, which p1010095.JPGwas awesomely delicious. Well, okay, we left some of the ice at the bottom. I’ve never been a fan of things like snow cones, but when it’s bing soo, you can eat all the yummy goodness off the top along with some of the ice, and then you can just leave the rest of the ice in the bowl (for the dog, I presume). This wouldn’t work so well with some other Asian shaved ice desserts, where I gather the ice goes on top instead of on the bottom. I’ll stick with the Korean version.

The thing about bing soo is that, unlike plain ordinary ice cream, it’s lighter (because of the shaved ice to ice cream ratio), and it has fruit, which allows eaters to pretend bing soo is good for you. You’re also liable to find almost anything in it (witness the Count Chocula). It’s more interesting than ice cream, and it probably is better for you. Well, okay, it might not be. But it does have fruit!

Here’s what was left of our choco bing soo when we were done: basically chocolate syrup (used on the chocolate version instead of condensed milk) and melting ice.


Ice Kiss
3407 W. 6th Street
(about half a block east of Kenmore)
Los Angeles, CA 90020


10 Responses to “Choco bing soo”

  1. katiesue Says:

    Yum. I’m not a huge bing soo fan. I’ve only had it a few times since moving to Korea. But if they had a chocolate version…


  2. Bon Vivant Says:

    As a kid I used to hate Count Chocula; I don’t know what has happened to me!

  3. raine Says:

    aww i already have plans to visit this place next week! i live for bingsoo.
    don’t think i’m gonna get choco though. but that looks mighty good.

  4. Raven Says:

    katiesue, thanks for commenting! Maybe the chocolate version will make its way back to Korea. Supposedly some of the cuts of meat used in KBBQ here have been copied in Seoul, so you never know!

  5. Raven Says:

    Bon V., your tastes must have matured with adulthood! 🙂

    I never even had Count Chocula as a kid. I should buy a box and see how it is when it’s not on top of choco bing soo.

  6. Raven Says:

    raine, I’d like to try some of Ice Kiss’s other bing soo as well (although I’ll be surprised if anything can top the chocolate). What’s your favorite flavor?

  7. youngkim Says:

    In Korea, there are BBQ places that proudly announce “LA Style Kalbi.”

    I came all the way to Seoul to have LA food???

  8. Raven Says:

    We’re a city of trendsetters!

  9. wangkon936 Says:


    Admit it. You ate that all by yourself, huh? 돼지… 😉

  10. Raven Says:

    LOL. It was so good that if I’d been alone I’m sure I would have eaten it all myself!

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