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Koreatown Weather Forecast September 2, 2007

The weekend weather forecast for Koreatown, as for all of LA, is: really frickin’ HOT. Sweltering, even. I think today, at 98, is the worst of it (I hope so!). Today after lunch, having no desire to go back to our AC-deficient apartments, a friend and I headed over to the Koreatown Plaza to enjoy the cool indoors. Granted, it wasn’t all that cool. I have a feeling that since folks in LA so rarely need to use their air conditioning, they don’t end up with powerful units like you’d have in, say, Phoenix. As a result, the only place where we really felt cool was the frozen food section at the plaza market. However, it was better than being in a building with no AC at all.

Here’s how the folks at the K-town Plaza were dealing with the heat. The Olive Bakery, located on the lowest level next to the market, was having a special on pot bing soo, and they were being taken up on it big-time. I think a lot of people were doing exactly what my friend and I were doing: gracing the mall with their presence in order to beat the heat. The mall was more crowded than I’ve seen it before. The coffee shop, like the bakery, was doing a lively business in pot bing soo. And cold noodles seemed to be a highly popular item. I exerted my will power and didn’t actually buy anything, although the green tea ice cream was tempting.

I have to say, although this heat really sucks, the vendors at the plaza are probably happy about it.

P.S. I didn’t take any photos. It’s hard to take photos of heat. Sorry.


4 Responses to “Koreatown Weather Forecast”

  1. wangkon936 Says:

    Yes, it’s been crazy hot lately. I’ve already eaten neung myung three times in a row and I’m sick of it… hahahaha.

    I just turned on the A/C and locked myself in the house. Pinkberry must be doing crazy business right now… but it must be a killer waiting in that line in this kind of heat!

  2. Raven Says:

    I’m waiting for tomorrow when it’s supposed to break. For today, I think I may head out for naeng myun!

    The Pinkberry line… yeah. The refreshment can’t be worth the wait in the heat.

  3. Sku Says:

    Our power went out (the whole block) and I called DWP only to hear a depressing message about power outages in the “following neighborhoods,” only to hear them list about every neighborhood in LA. It took them 15 hours to get it back on. As my fridge sat there and sweated, I ate some leftover lamb chow mein from Dumpling Master. Now losing that would have been tragic. Oh well, this to shall pass…

  4. Raven Says:

    Ouch, 15 hours. I heard about blackouts, but luckily my power stayed on, so at least my fridge was working and I could still watch DVD’s.

    I think the heat is breaking. It feels cooler already, and it’s windy. I take those as good signs.

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