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Hyung’s Overture August 7, 2007

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On August 14 the CAPE Foundation New Writers Awards will include a staged reading of the screenplay Hyung’s Overture, written by Young Il Kim. The reading is open to the public and will include complimentary refreshments, and yes, I’m plugging it because I’ve read and like the script and because Young is my friend and he comments here, but no, he didn’t pay me to put up this announcement; he didn’t even buy me lunch!

Anyway, here’s the synop, stolen borrowed from indieWIRE: “The eldest son of a Korean immigrant family gives up his career to manage the family’s convenience store, so that his brother may fulfill his potential as a world-class violinist.”

The script won about four different contests last year, including CAPE and BlueCat. Teddy Zee (producer of Hitch, The Pursuit of Happyness, Saving Face, West 32nd) and Jonathan Kim (producer of Silmido, Sisily 2km, The Ring Virus, Lies) are attached to produce, and Young is currently slated to direct the film himself when it goes into production.

Full details on the reading are here. The event is free, but RSVP’s have to be in by August 12. The event also includes the announcement of the 2007 CAPE winners and finalists and a reading of last year’s winning script for TV, which is an episode of Without A Trace by Lucy Wang.


6 Responses to “Hyung’s Overture”

  1. youngkim Says:

    I am going!!!!

    Are you? And the stage reading will be the first half of the script… which has been completely revamped since a year ago. Not completely but still a lot.

  2. Raven Says:

    Yup, I’m going. I RSVP’d today.

  3. mdb Says:

    Someone video tape it and send me a copy.

  4. Raven Says:

    Ask Young to do that. 🙂

  5. youngkim Says:

    I give myself zero percent chance of doing that.

  6. Raven Says:

    I figured. But I’m not doing it either.

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