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Spotlight on K-town July 22, 2007

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Check out a very interesting and detailed article on Koreatown here.

A couple of notes: the author’s fave restaurant is called Cham Sut Gol, and I blogged about it earlier (link). And I’m amused by the idea (mentioned in a comment on the article) that you can get “California-style” KBBQ in Seoul and it’s based on the KBBQ found in our very own K-town. Is that true?

Here’s a pic to whet your appetite (for the article, not for KBBQ). This pic shows why letting me drive in K-town is a bad idea: There are too many Korean signs to read, and I still read Korean slowly, so I tend to be staring at the signs when I should be staring at the road.


6 Responses to “Spotlight on K-town”

  1. kimfilms Says:

    K-town is indeed so fun!

    I remember landing at the Incheon Airport and taking an hour long bus ride into Seoul. As I stared out the window, I was thinking “Heh, this feels like I’m back in Koreatown.”

  2. Raven Says:

    Good to know that whenever I finally make it to Korea I’ll feel right at home.

    I love K-town.

  3. Bon V. Says:

    Those signs look really familiar!

  4. Bon V. Says:

    Ha, ha, I just noticed that you have a category entitled “hot korean guys.”

  5. Raven Says:

    I think the signs are on Western near Pho 4000.

    And hot Korean guys are an important category!

  6. ktownman Says:

    Don’t know about hot korean guys but the signs are on western off 6th I think where there is an over abundance of pho joints…. ummmm pho

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