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It doesn’t rain in LA July 2, 2007

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Bi/Rain’s concert in LA on Saturday got canceled because the producers messed up, or something like that. According to rumor (this rumor was found at soompi.com), at the last minute he wasn’t going to be allowed to use the equipment he’d brought along from Korea, and supposedly the show couldn’t go on without the effects it provided. I think there’s actually something else going on behind the scenes. In any case, it was very bad luck for the folks who flew in from Asia for this concert (and for everybody else who had tickets and was looking forward to it). Rain wasn’t even allowed to go on stage to say hello to his fans. 😦

There’s an article about it here. The same article says we have about 200,000 Koreans in LA. I understand we’ve got the largest concentration outside of Korea.

They should have warned Rain not to get his hopes up. It doesn’t rain much in LA, especially in the summer.


4 Responses to “It doesn’t rain in LA”

  1. Young Kim Says:

    Can’t you see him as the older brother in my script? Uh, with more clothes than the pic you posted.

  2. Raven Says:

    Wouldn’t his price tag be prohibitive?

    If you were to get him, you might want to add a shirtless scene for the benefit of the young females who might watch your movie.

  3. Bon Vivant Says:

    I was under the impression that his concert got cancelled due to a lawsuit filed against him for trademark infringement; I’ll sniff around the Korean grapevine and find out what’s going on with that.

    Great photo! Drool.

  4. Raven Says:

    I know, he’s hot, isn’t he? But so young.

    This year’s previous concerts were canceled because of the lawsuit, but apparently the LA one was because of the producers, according to the articles I read.

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