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Korean blog June 8, 2007

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I might as well just go ahead and say this is a blog about all things Korean. My Korean posts seem to garner the most interest anyway, and I know there are enough of them. Speaking of which, here’s one more!

I need to share my impressions of the most recent kdrama I’ve watched, namely Success Story of a Bright Girl (Korean title: 명랑소녀 성공기). The English title does leave something to be desired, I admit. I guess it’s also been anglicized as A Bright Girl’s Success Story, which is better. But whichever, I don’t watch them for the title.

I didn’t go into this with high hopes. It starts out predictably enough, rich guy/poor girl, some standard coincidences to get them in contact and keep them there. But very soon it moves into a strong story that manages to evade most of the annoying kdrama cliches. I admit there were a few times when I was afraid it was going to fall into the trap of using one; I could just see the story building up to it, but then it took a different turn and twisted the cliche into something more original.

Another thing this drama has going for it is the strong external story. It’s not just about getting the two leads together or keeping them apart. The villain has a goal that’s much more than that, and in fact, at the risk of a minor spoiler, I’ll just say he doesn’t really care that much whether they get together or not.

Also, the chemistry between the two leads (Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, both pictured to the left) is excellent. Not to mention Jang Hyuk is pretty damn hot AND he’s actually in my age range! Not that that matters particularly, but it doesn’t hurt either.

I can’t give this drama a full five stars, though, because there were some things I didn’t like about the ending. Some of it worked very well, but part of it didn’t. I’ll say no more. So the drama gets four and a half stars in my book (or in my blog, as the case may be).

If you’re interested in the theme song music video (the theme song, which is called Love Song, got in my head and won’t get out), check it out on YouTube here. But be warned, if you don’t like spoilers you might not want to watch it, especially since there is one fairly major one in there (granted, it’s in Korean with no subs).


15 Responses to “Korean blog”

  1. YoungKim Says:

    Yeah, Kimchee power!

  2. Raven Says:

    It gets worse. Now I’ve got an idea for a kdrama. What the hell am I going to do with that?!

  3. youngkim Says:


    I am currently developing two K-dramas.

    Only K-dramas I’ve seen are Full House and All-In. I saw a little bit of Love Story at Harvard.

  4. Raven Says:

    Are you developing them on your own or for someone? I’d be interested in hearing more about them if you can talk about them.

    Make sure that at some point you have a scene where the male and female leads have an argument, she goes off in despair and gets herself roaring drunk, and the bartender has to call the guy to come and get her, which of course he does. Oh, and in the morning he needs to taunt her about what she did while drunk, which she doesn’t remember. And also make sure that sometime after midpoint she’s either blackmailed into disappearing without telling him where she’s going or else she decides it would be the best thing for everyone if she did that, leaving him to spend several heartbroken episodes trying to find her.

    The drunk scene sometimes works, but the disappearing act virtually always seems contrived and silly, IMO. And yet kdrama writers seem to find it very heartbreaking and romantic, so they almost always include it.

    I actually have a whole list of kdrama cliches. It’s not complete yet, though. One drama I watched was practically a textbook for cliches, but I started the list after I watched it, so I didn’t get them all down.

    You should watch some more kdramas, btw.

  5. Bon Vivant Says:

    So I get some soondubu this morning and then afterwards went to a coffee shop in the same mall. I’m sitting there watching this kdrama and it included what looked to be North Korean soldiers shooting at a border crossing. And chains to hang up people in order to torture them! Quelle drama!

  6. Raven Says:

    Hmm, sounds bloodier than the ones I usually watch!

  7. Young Kim Says:

    I went to get soontofu at BCD last night. Then went to Cafe Bleu for drinks.

    Neither of you can out-Korean me!

  8. kate Says:

    I’ve seen this Korean drama in 2003 and I really fell in love with Jang Hyuk and jang Nara after watching this drama. And I watched it more than 20 times. I like the story but really hate the ending. After 2 years I fell in love again with Song Hye Kyo and Rain after watching Full House. Same thing happened to me but I must say that I like the ending of Full House. It’s really a heart warming.

  9. Raven Says:

    I agree, the ending really came out of nowhere. I watched a lot of the episodes more than once, but I don’t feel the need to see the ending ever again.

    I particularly love the early interactions between Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara, when she’s his maid.

    I haven’t managed to see Full House yet. It’s currently No. 1 on my Tiger Cinema queue. Of course, Winter Sonata was No. 1 on my queue for about six months before they sent it to me (and then I hated it, but that’s a different story).

  10. kate Says:

    I really like the OST of Bright Girl. Would you believe that I memorized the theme song of the drama even though I can’t understand the words. The song Honja Jikkin Sarang (Love Guarded my Myself) is really awesome and I like the singer. She also sang the theme song of Attic Cat Son Mol (The Promise). I think she’s not a popular singer in Korea but I just learned that her name is True Bird (don’t know if they are group or solo).

  11. Raven Says:

    Hehe, I do that too, memorize without knowing the words. I don’t have the whole OST for Bright Girl, though. I have a slow connection, so I can’t do too much downloading.

    I don’t remember the Attic Cat theme song, but now I’m curious. I’m not a fan of that drama, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like the music. 🙂

  12. kate Says:

    Jang Hyuk is going to be a father this coming February and will be married in June. Haaay All my hopes for him and Jang Nara is like a bubbles that blast. Anyway I still hope that they will do another drama or movie soon.

    Happy New Year !!!

  13. Raven Says:

    They certainly did have great onscreen chemistry. But I’d be afraid that if I saw them together in something else I’d be too distracted thinking about Bright Girl.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  14. dophene Says:

    hey does anyone have the mp3 to the song Honja Jikkin Sarang featured in the show? please send it to me,


  15. Raven Says:

    Hi Dophene, thanks for commenting! I don’t have the mp3, but try looking at d-addicts or mysoju, and if they don’t have it try asking at soompi forums (links to all three sites are in the sidebar on the right).

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