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The best place on earth March 12, 2007

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So I exaggerate a little now and then. But I have to say the Koreatown Plaza is my new favorite place. And to think it was pure chance that I ended up here after lunch with an out-of-town friend and some in-town friends. I will definitely be going back, I don’t know when, but I have a feeling there’s some kpop with my name on it somewhere in the record store.

For today, I scored a HUGE bowl of green tea ice cream. Okay, so it wasn’t as huge as what you get at Coldstone if you order their bigger sizes. But what I was expecting based on the size of the bowl and the price ($2.50) was a pitiful scoop like you’d get at most L.A. independent ice cream shops. But no. The man kept piling on ice cream. I’d say he gave me two large scoops. He was also the recipient of my first communication in Korean with a Korean. When I said thank you in Korean, he broke into a smile.

I also picked up a book at the bookstore. My original plan was to buy a book I’d read in English so I would already know the story as I was trying to get through it in Korean. And maybe I should have done that. I almost bought The Little Prince, which I’ve read in French (I can’t remember if I’ve read it in English), and my mom has it in Russian (I can’t remember if I’ve read that one either). I figured if I bought it in Korean we could make it a tradition: for every new language, The Little Prince. But I didn’t end up buying it. I hesitated over some classics I hadn’t read in English, much less Korean, although I sort of semi knew the stories. But finally I bought Momo, a book I’d heard of in, of all places, a Korean TV drama. So I have now purchased my first Korean book.

I was one of maybe four or five non-Koreans in the plaza, and one of them was with me. Actually I only saw one other non-Korean there besides the one with me, but I’m allowing for one or two extras who may have been lurking around unnoticed. But I didn’t feel out-of-place particularly. Well, maybe a little. But I loved it there. I’ll never pass for Korean the way I do for Russian, but that obviously isn’t stopping me from developing a love for the language and culture.

P.S. According to a site I found, the Koreatown Plaza was the only shopping center in Koreatown to be untouched by the L.A. riots (since it’s entirely enclosed). I had no idea the riots went that far north. I thought they were all down in south central… Kind of scary. It’s not all that far from me.


9 Responses to “The best place on earth”

  1. mdb Says:


    Broxton Ave at night, the picture doesn’t do it justice.

    Better than a shopping mall and fewer Koreans!

  2. mdb Says:

    I want to change my answer

  3. Bon Vivant Says:

    The riots went as far north as Sunset Boulevard. Silver Lake was covered in smoke and ash!

    I read about this good boba place in this mall.

    Any good restaurants here?

    Ooh! My word verification word looks Korean!

  4. Raven Says:

    As far as restaurants, I don’t know. We were full from lunch by the time we arrived (although that didn’t stop me from buying ice cream). I would like to go back and try the food court sometime, though. And why do I have such a craving for ramen today?

    Mdb, I’m planning on staying out of North Korea.

  5. Young Kim Says:

    I’ve been to that Koreatown Plaza many times. In fact, I was there on Monday with my producer. We were on the 3rd floor at the video store.

    And we ate at the Sapporo Ramen place on the basement despite the C rating!


  6. mdb Says:

    But Rave think of how happy you can make North Koreans when you say thank you to them!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Eat at Sapporo Ramen very soon because they are being evicted (don’t ask me how I know!)

  8. Raven Says:

    Heh. I guess I better try them ASAP.

    But wait, in addition to having a C rating they don’t pay their rent (presumably). Maybe this isn’t a such a good idea…

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