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Snakes on a Plane September 4, 2006

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The title says it all. You’re there to watch snakes on a plane, and by golly you get two hours of snakes on a plane. Well, probably not quite a full two hours because (1) I’m not sure how long the movie is and I’m too lazy to check and (2) there are a few minutes of hokey setup at the beginning. There’s also a little bit of the FBI and stuff stuck in here and there. But for the most part it’s all about the snakes on the plane.

The villains are, of course, Korean. Everybody knows Koreans are evil. Especially Koreans who live in LA. They are particularly evil. So it makes perfect sense that these evil cold-blooded LA Koreans would release evil cold-blooded exotic snakes on the plane.

Leis are evil too. Keep this in mind next time you travel to Hawaii.

I’m not sorry I saw it, but I won’t need to see it again anytime soon. Oh, the music video at the end is kinda funny. But not *that* funny.


6 Responses to “Snakes on a Plane”

  1. Bon Vivant Says:

    “Clean up this mess! I’m going back to LA!” Hee, hee, precious!

    I went with a group that was laughing and screaming so loud that I didn’t hear half of the dialogue. Definitely a movie that you have to see with the right crowd. It was a film experience that I’ll never forget!

    From an art film perspective SOAP is a bad film but from an entertainment perspective it’s a great film. If they had played it straight instead of camp it would be really horrible.

  2. Raven Says:

    Maybe my problem was I didn’t go with the right crowd (I went alone). The theater was pretty empty, and nobody was laughing or screaming much. So I guess I missed the group experience.

    I just got the best word verification: jenenaut. I have to go add it to your blog for the contest.

  3. mdb Says:

    I don’t understand the comment the villians are of course Korean.

    I can’t name another Hollywood movie with Korean bad guys so why is it “of course”?

  4. Raven Says:

    Koreans are naturally evil, that’s why. Everybody knows that.


  5. Mike Says:

    Didn’t the evil Koreans live in Hawaii?

  6. Raven Says:

    I’ve known evil Koreans from Hawaii before. 😀

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