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Il Mare, or the Sea of Tears June 11, 2006

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I don’t remember crying the first time I watched Il Mare. I cried this time. The impossible love, the yearning for a love that can’t be, the self-sacrifice out of love… I want to write movies that will make people cry. I want to write movies that will make ME cry. I’m afraid, um, that means I aspire to write Korean romantic dramas.

Not necessarily, though. I cried at Tsotsi, and that one I saw in the theater, where I’m more reserved about crying. It’s the self-sacrifice that gets me. Self-sacrifice out of love, and the loss of love, the love you can’t have for reasons beyond your control. It doesn’t have to be romantic. It wasn’t in Tsotsi. But it has to be real, and it has to be impossible. And then I’ll cry.

I guess there’s a reason why everything I write, or at least all the good things I write, all the things that work, are ultimately about love. Usually it’s a difficult love, a love that maybe everybody involved wishes weren’t there. But it is. And they have to deal with it.

I’ve been writing that theme for as long as I can remember. I don’t know why. But I guess there’s something I’m looking for or something I need to resolve.


2 Responses to “Il Mare, or the Sea of Tears”

  1. Young Kim Says:

    Are you going to watch The Lake House?

    I saw Il Mare and thought it was one of the better Korean films. You are the only person I know who aspires to write Korean romantic dramas. YOU ARE LAME!!!

    (I’m quickly hiding all my korean scripts)

  2. Raven Says:

    Yes, I’ll be seeing The Lake House next week or so when it comes out. When I first saw the trailer for The Lake House I thought it might actually be a decent adaptation, but after seeing Il Mare again I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll find out.

    And too late, I already have one of your Korean scripts on my hard drive!

    (You’ll now find a way to crash my hard drive.)

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